Follow up online program - The "Final Solution" of the Jewish Problem

Centre for religionus studies of Belgrade open school

organises a follow-up online educational program


“TheFinal Solution Of The Jewish Problem”

 (mart - jun  2015. godine)


Online educational program "The 'Final Solution' Of The Jewish Problem" was launched by the Centre for Religious Studies (CIRel) Belgrade Open School (BOS) in collaboration with the International School for Holocaust Studies, Yad Vashem. This program follows the chronology of the "Final Solution," its manifestations in west and east of Europe and its perpetrators and victims. Students will gain knowledge about the steps in the establishment of the idea of the "Final Solution" and its implementation in various countries. They will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with personal testimonies, as well as parts of Nazi literature on this subject, to acquire the relevant knowledge about this period of history and try to understand the tragedy of the Holocaust. Online educational program will be held in English.



Online program "The 'Final Solution' Of The Jewish Problem" will last for thirteen weeks, starting from Monday 9 March 2015. Every Monday (except on April 6, 2015, for the duration of the Jewish holiday of Passover) lessons will be sent to students at the email address. The inaugural lecture will be held inBelgrade Open School in Masarikova 5/16, Belgrade, where attendees will be addressed by Dr Chava Baruch, director of the department for the Balkans and Central Europe, Yad Vashem, and will discusse with the students about the goals and expectations of the program, while the last lecture will be held over Skype (Skype).



As part of the educational program the following topics will be covered:

-Life of Jews in Yugoslavia and Europe before World War II;
-The historical framework of the Holocaust;
-Place and the importance of the Jews in the recent history of Serbia;
-Crimes of genocide with special reference to the Holocaust;
-How to pass on knowledge about the Holocaust and so on.