Ongoing Projects

The goal of the project “Local Transparency Booster: Raising Accountability and Prevention of Corruption in Local Governments” is to raise transparency of local governments in Serbia through monitoring of accessibility of public information on their web pages, and strengthening capacities of civil society organizations of local governments themselves. 

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Creating of educational online video content for youth portal Mingl ( is the focus point of the project Videopedia - educational video content for youth. This production of the video representation of teaching units will create special educational program of online video encyclopedia or textbook.

The project team will edit the content of video encyclopedia, that is to say videopedia, but the great teachers and pupils from Serbia will be in charge for the content interpretation quality. They will be chosen via competition, and they are also the target group of Mingl portal. With this educational media content in the format which is the most appealing for our target group, youth will spend better their free time on internet and they will get better education.

The SEE Youth and Media Initiative project aims to get research based documentation and establishing a network of youth and media oriented organizations to: identify the needs of youth and the opportunities for them provided by media, to increase cooperation and communication between youth and media as well as the presence of youth issues in the media sphere, strengthen youth capacities for recognizing manipulation and hate speech, strengthen the capacities of youth and media organizations to develop their own new media and to effectively use the existing media and opening public discussions about the role of the media in providing support for addressing youth problems and needs in each country of the SEE region.

Mingl is a youth media, established in 2007 by CEPIT of the Belgrade Open School.

Overall objective of the project is to share and promote the values of youth activism and creative and free journalism.

Specific aims are:

  • to enable youth with media focused to their needs and issues by development of youth news desk
  • to provide youth with collaborative place for expressing themselves
  • to enhance youth with public media channel 
  • to improve digital literacy among youth – get them familiar with computers and teach them how to differentiate between relevant and irrelevant information on the web
  • to provide youth with career advising services.

Mingl community has more then 33.000 members / active visitors per month, according to Google Analitics. Youth news desk is consisted of 40 local correspondents - secondary education students.