BOS at Secondary schools Fair in Kruševac

As part of the project MUSTRA IV - Model of harmonizing the education system with the labour market – Promotion of promising educational profiles in secondary schools, which aims to promote promising educational profiles in secondary schools in Rasinski and Zlatibor region, the team of Belgrade open school was invited to the Secondary Schools Fair that took place in Hala sportova in Kruševac.

Participation in the fair was an ideal opportunity for all secondary schools to be introduced with the MUSTRA IV project and to exchange experiences in planning, organizing and conducting promotional activities of secondary schools. Schools presented their admission plans for the following 2016 2017 school year, admission quota for each educational profile, with particular emphasis on those profiles that are prosperous on local and regional labour market but face insufficient interest of students.

8th grade elementary school students from schools within the authority of Kruševac Regional Board of Education visited the fair, and they had an opportunity to receive informative and promotional materials of secondary schools, as well as to talk to the students and teachers of secondary schools. BOS team presented its career guidance and counselling materials both to 8th grade and secondary school students, which is very important for their further career decision making.

MUSTRA IV project is carried out with the support of Solidar Suisse / Swiss Labour Assistance (SLA) – Office in Serbia. 

11. Apr 2016.