WEBWORK - Western Balkan youth WORK(s) for youth Employability

 The Project Western Balkan youth WORK(s) for youth Employability (WEBWORK) is a regional initiative for a common approach to youth employability. Project will be conducted by the Belgrade Open School in cooperation with five other organizations from the Wester Balkans region .The main aim of the project is to contribute to the adaptation of youth in the WB region to the rapidly evolving changes in the labor market.

MUSTRA IV - Model of harmonizing the education system with the labour market – Promotion of promising educational profiles in secondary schools

BOS has developed a stable network of partner (secondary) schools from all over Serbia, through its numerous projects. BOS directs and develops its projects in accordance with schools’ plans and needs and through active communication with schools, regional Boards of Education and Ministry of Education. MUSTRA IV project aims to contribute, through promotional campaign, to broadening knowledge and increase the interest of final year students in elementary schools in Kruševac and Užice (as well as their parents), regarding promising educational profiles in secondary schools, for which there’s a real need in the labour market.

Advocating for continuity in the implementation of the career guidance policy in Serbia – KviS on BIS II 

Belgrade Open School through the project „KviS on BIS II“ continues to support the development of sustainability and quality of the career guidance and counseling system in order to improve employability of the youth and lifelong learning.

PRAKSAM - Introducing youth to the world of work through internship placements

Belgrade Open School through the project „PRAKSAM“ continues to support the improvement of employability and employment of youth in Serbia by creating opportunities for them to gain work experience and connect to the world of work.

BOS will in cooperation with Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Serbia announce an open call to business companies that wants to participate in the project as internship providers and potential employees. After the selection process, BOS team will conduct a needs analysis within the companies in order to define a specific internship positions. After that phase, BOS team will recruit and select 28 young interns who will gain the opportunity to be engaged for 4 months in the business companies that are operating successfully in Serbia.


BOS Career

BOS Career is the first free online system in Serbia that provides young people with guidance and assistance in choosing their career independently and cautiously. After simple registration, users are allowed to take three online tests, search the database of jobs, faculties and colleges, create personal career profiles (action plans for career development) and make their own CVs with CV Builder. A user who does not wish to register can search jobs, faculties and colleges database, but cannot take tests and create a personal profile. 

CV Builder is a free online CV-making service that offers options to change the order of categories, add a different section, select the language of the template and select a theme - color and format. Because of all these options, as well as the instructions for writing a CV incorporated in the template, our CV Builder represents a unique and creative service aimed primarily to young people without much experience.