Implemented Projects

Better public policy for quality internship programmes

Through the project “Better public policy for quality internship programmes” Belgrade Open School aims to contribute to the increase in youth employment in Serbia through improvement of the regulatory framework for the organisation of internship programmes. Creating regulatory framework and the procedures for quality internship programmes is in accordance with the education reforms related to the harmonisation of education and labour market through improvement of practical skills of young people.

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MUSTRA III – Model of harmonizing the education system with the labour market – Advocacy campaign for implementation of the recommendations from the policy papers

Throughout numerous previous projects, BOS has developed a solid network of vocational high schools all over Serbia with whom we have a successful long term cooperation. The aim of the project is to contribute to overcoming challenges associated with the mismatch between vocational schools and the labour market by improving practical political framework in order to increase employability of youth and to contribute to better youth transition from education to world of work.

The project was developed in cooperation with local partners, based on the achievements from the previous project, MUSTRA I and MUSTRA II, which were implemented in 2013 and 2014.

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Advocacy for Continuity in Implementation of the Policy for Career Guidance in Serbia - KViS na BIS

This project aims to support the development of employability among young people and to promote lifelong learning through improvement of sustainability and quality of the system of career guidance and counselling. Throughout this project BOS will advocate for the continual coordination and implementation of the policy for lifelong career guidance on the national level through promoting the importance of career guidance and providing expert support to policy makers in the process of developing the strategic documents.

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The project “Career that fits youth – improvement of the methodology for measuring the effect of career and guidance services“ aims to contribute to the improvement of the position and employability of young people in Serbia through further development of the career guidance and counselling system based on the effects and needs of young people. The project is follow-on of the project “Career that fits youth” that BOS implemented in throughout 2013 and in early 2014, with the support of the Ministry of Youth and Sport.

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After successes achieved within the project „Better public administration through internship placements“ , the project „Support to the Ministry of Finance through Internship Placements“ continues to improve and increase capacities of the public administration through internship placements.

In cooperation with the Ministry of Finance, four internship positions and profiles of interns will be defined. Then, four young and talented professionals will be selected to enhance the work of  the Budget Sector with their knowledge and skills.

The five-month paid internships will take place at the Ministry of Finance, the Budget Sector.

Benefits od participating in this project are numerous. The Budget Sector will get reinforcement in the form of young talented professionals. On the other hand, the interns, in addition to the financial incentives, will have significant opportunity to gain work experience in the public administration, improve their skills in various areas and receive career counselling services.

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Career Guidance and Counselling Centre of Belgrade Open School realized project „Career that Fits Youth – Capacity building of Youth Offices for delivery of services and measuring the effects of career guidance and counselling on employability“. The aim of this project was to contribute to improving the quality and availability of career guidance and counselling (CGC) for young people in Serbia through the development and measurement of the effects of services provided by Youth Offices.

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Better Public Administration through Internship Placement

After successfully completed the first circle of internship placements, Belgrade Open School continues with the implementation of the project “Better Public Administration through Internship Placement”. This project deals with the creation and implementation of a specific internship program intended to be implemented in state institutions in Serbia, particularly in sectors of great importance for entrepreneurship.

The first circle of the project “Better Public Administration through Internship Placement” was implemented in the period from December 2012 to the end of 2013. Due to successful results, the project continues throughout 2014. Four out of fifteen interns got employment in the private or public sector during the project implementation and 9 of them got their internships extended, which demonstrates the importance of internship for improving young people’s employability.

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MUSTRA - with dialogue to the model of harmonization of the educational system and the labour market

With this project, BOS endeavoured to contribute to overcoming challenges associated with the non-compliance of the education system and the labour market in order to provide young people in Serbia with opportunities to find their first job after completion of formal education.

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Occupied by Future Occupation

The project was devoted to enhance the employability of youth through the enhancement of the system of career informing on occupations for high school students.

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Serious Games for Social and Creative Competencies

This project has the aim to conceptualize and develop social competencies related to personal, social & professional development through creation of computer/mobile 3D serious games, for the purpose of adult education, professional development and creation of school curricula.

Throughout this project a set of interactive 3D simulations for development of social competencies and creativity will be created on the languages of project partners (English, Bulgarian, German, Dutch, Turkish, Lithuanian and Serbian).

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