Implementation of the project “Better Public Administration through Internship Placement” continuous

After successfully completed the first program of internship placements, Belgrade Open School continues with the implementation of the project “Better Public Administration through Internship Placement”.

Project “Better Public Administration through Internship Placement” was realized from December 2012 until the end of the 2013. Due to the successful results, the project will be continued during the 2014. Of 15 interns in total, 4 of them got employment in private or public sector during the project implementation and 9 of them got the internship extension, which shows the importance of internship for improving young people employability.

During the eight-month long paid internship, interns have gained the opportunity to support developing legislative processes such as the development of the Strategy for small and medium sized enterprises, amendments on Labour Law, development of macroeconomic projections and methodology for capital investments, regulatory impact analysis, development of the Law about commodity exchanges etc. Interns have been placed in the following institutions: Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Economy, National Assembly, Ministry of Foreign and Domestic Trade and Telecommunications, Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Policy, Office for Regulatory Reform and Regulatory Impact Assessment and Republic of Serbia Securities Commission. During the project, BOS team has organized trainings for mentors and interns, as well as career counselling. 10 one-day trainings for interns were organized, in which the interns gained knowledge and skills that they didn’t have the opportunity to gain at faculties and that are necessary for their jobs.

Belgrade Open School coordinates this project with the support of USAID Business Enabling Project (BEP).

27. Jan 2014.