The project @MojaEvropa has been selected as a good practice example and it was presented in the report to 21 Annual Session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE)

The educational Twitter campaign @MojaEvropa conducted and during it more than three thousand Tweets on European issues, ideas and values were gathered, the majority of which were screened on Infotrg, an electronic display set up at Trg Republike.

ICTeachers - Trendsetters in ICT Usage in Education Conference was held on December 22, 2011 in Belgrade

Cepit team held seminar on digital literacy for 21 school teachers on 6th-7th October 2011

Youth web portal Mingl registered as public media by Serbian Business Register Agency; portal was redesigned; formed new secondary education students news desk, October 2011.

Organized summer school EVROKREM (EUROCREAM) - enhancing Belgrade youngsters for active participation in European integration processes, for 30 secondary education students from Belgrade, August-October 2011.

Millennial Generation - Surf ergo sum - research report on youth online behaviour, november 2011. 

Publication eSafety, guidelines trough online world for parents and school teachers, June 2010.

Written research report on youth online behaviour, based on field research conducted in cooperation with 18 secondary education students from Serbia.

Held three day seminar Online Reputation for 20 secodandary education students, 25-27th March 2010.

Published Guidebook trough new media and journalism "Neki novi novinari" in February 2010.

Cepit has implemented Belgrade Speakers' Corner project - INFOTRG - na 14m elektronskim displejima koji su postavljeni na Trgu Republike, 6. decembra 2009, centralnom beogradskom trgu vraćena je stara ali modernizovana vrednost. On je ponovo postao mesto za saznavanje novosti i dijalog. Na INFOTRGU se emituju srednjoškolske vesti Mingla, vesti B92 i komentari građana na definisanu društveno važnu temu dana poslati SMS-om na 069/30-65-800 (po ceni standardne poruke) ili sa sajta www.infotrg.com.

Final meeting on the project Net Action – ICT for empowering youth activism was held on 29. May 2009. The meeting took place at the Belgrade Open School, and 20 high school students from all over Serbia presented their youth project proposals to the donation jury. Project proposals are results of virtual school on youth activism held through web portal Net @ction

Consultation meeting focused on issues related to the research and development in ICT held in framework of project “Development of knowledge society”, DOKS, in Belgrade Open School facilities on 9. April 2009. As a project result broschhure was published on DOKS web portal.

Consultation meeting focused on e-Learning held on 10. March 2009. in framework of project “Development of knowledge society”. Meeting brought together leading actors of e-Learning in Serbia. Consultation meeting has been focused on the discussion of current state-of-art and challenges, obstacles and barriers for successful ICT usage in education and e-learning development in Serbia.

Project "Don`t miss the calls!" was successfully finalized in March of 2009. Project was implemented with the support of Ministry of Youth and Sport, and in partnerships with 11 Youth. 24 secondary education students were trained through e-learning program and afterward facilitated workshops of peer education in job search.

Centre for Research of Information Technologies held the introductory workshop for 26 high school students from all over Serbia on the project Net @ction – ICT for empowering youth activism. The workshop took place in the Belgrade Open School on the 13th of February.

The SCORE project has officially completed its 2-year activity on 31st January 2009. According to the review report, it successfully managed to contribute to the strengthening of the strategic cooperation between the EU and the Western Balkans in the ICT research field. Project results can be downloaded from the project SCORE web site. 

Conference “Towards an Information Society for the Western Balkans” co-organized by the two European Projects SCORE (Strengthening the Strategic Cooperation between the EU and Western Balkan region in the field of ICT research), where CePIT was involved as a partner, and WBC-INCO.NET (Coordination of research policies with the Western Balkan countries), with the support of the European Commission. Conference was held on 11. and 12. December 2009. and hosted by the Serbian Chamber of Commerce.

CePIT of Belgrade Open School, Web portal Mingl, and 11 Youth offices of Republic of Serbia, organized on 19. and 20. November 2008. training for peer educators - secondary education students of final year, in the framework of project "Don't miss the calls - empowering of secondary education students by ICT usage for entering labor market ".

Center for Research of Information Technologies (CePIT) of the Belgrade Open School and Information Society Serbia organized a workshop 
“Key challenges in the EU – WB ICT research collaboration“, on 16th October. This workshop was held in the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, as a part of the SCORE project, funded by the European Commission.

Round table “Internet and Public Sphere in Serbia”, 20 participants, 15th April 2008.

Mingl online school “Little School of Journalism”, 20 participants, March – May 2008. 

Two days workshop “Information Technologies for Inclusive Society”, 20 participants, Belgrade, 8th and 9th February 2008.

Web portal ICT for an Inclusive Society for experts dealing with creation of inclusive society in Serbia, December 2007.

Two issues of online magazine “e-volucija” (available only in Serbian): Cyber Praxis and Techno-utopias and Techno-realisms, 2007. 

Research study “Internet and Public Sphere in Serbia” (available only in Serbian - “Internet i javna sfera u Srbiji”), December 2007. 

Workshop “Inclusive eGovernment”, 40 participants, 11th December 2007.

Study on eGovernment Services in Serbia (available only in Serbian), November 2007. 

Web portal Mingl – first Serbian info-web service for high school students, launched in November 2007.

Consultation workshop aimed at identifying of research priorities for ICT research field for Serbia, 18 ICT experts, in cooperation with the Information Society Serbia, 22nd June 2007.

Second Thematic Workshop on FP7, Belgrade, 24th May 2007.

Thematic workshop on FP7, Belgrade, 8-9 February 2007

Internet and PC Penetration in Serbia 2006, empirical study, december 2006

Four issues of online magazine "e-volucija" (only in Serbian): Online BehaviourMusic in Digital EnviromentKnowledge SocietyArt as an Information, 2006

Online school "European Integration", 21 participants, secondary education students from gymnasiums of Mladenovac, Obrenovac, Third Belgrade Gymnasium and High School of Economics and Trade in Sopot, October-December 2006

Reserach study on Internet and PC penetration in Serbia, October 2006

Regional online programme "Information Society", 22 participants from Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Monenegro and Serbia, May-July 2006. godine

Lecture on Online Behaviour as a part of series of lectures named “Psychological implications of Internet usage”, 13th April 2006, Narodni univerzitet Kolarac 

"Developing Network - Information Society in Serbia 2005", empirical study on Internet users and non-users

IS2WEB Mentoring Workshop for the participation in the FP6/IST thematic area, 40 participants, Belgrade, 22nd February 2006

Virtual School "Politics and Culture", for high school students, 21 participants from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, October - November, 2005

Regional e-learning programme "Information Society", 24 participants from Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Serbia and Montenegro, April-July 2005

9th issue of "e-volucija", magazine on Information Society, 2005

Virtual School "European Integration", for high school students, 20 participants from Serbia and Montenegro, April - June, 2005

Workshop on e-signature and its usage, february 2005

Perspectives of Networking - Internet in 8 capitals of Southeastern Europe, January 2005

8th issue of "e-volucija", magazin on information society, 2004

Collection of essays of participants of CePIT's regional online programme European Integrations, December 2004

7th issue of "e-volucija", magazin on information society, 2004

Round Table "Initiation of Information Serbia", organised by British Council and Cepit, 21st December 2004 

6th issue of "e-volucija", magazin on information society, 2004

Virtual School "What is Democratic Society", for high school pupils, 23 participants from Serbia and Republic of Srpska, two months, 2004

Regional virtual school "European Integration - a view from the Balkans 2004", for political parties', NGOs, trade unions' activists, students and young professionals from ex Yugoslavia, 20 participants, 11th April - 19th November 2004

Seminar "Using Internet in Serbia", organised by British Council and Cepit, 21st June 2004

"e-volucija", magazin on information society, 5th issue: Initializing of Cyber Culture, 2004

Virtual School "Little School of Journalism", for high school students from 8 towns in Serbia, 24 participants, March - May 2004

"Global Citizens - Empirical Study of Internet Users in Serbia 2003", March 2004

Magazine of participants of virtual course "Little School of Journalism I" named "New School", published as an appendix of Magazine "Prosvetni pregled", February 2004

"Collection of essays of CePIT's Virtual Courses Participants: Transition, Globalization, European Integrations", February 2004

Collection of essays "Aspects of Globalisation", December 2003

"e-volucija", (ISSN 1451-8112) magazine on information society, four issues: Serbia in E-volution, New Forms of Art, Cyberspace and its Inhabitants, Double click for Knowledge, 2003

Campaign "E-volution… Cyber Space and Its Inhabitants”, consisting of 7 public discussions: What is Internet, Serbia and E-volution, New Babylon Library, Globalisation and IT, Knowledge on Click, New Art Forms, Cyber Space and Its Inhabitants, November 2003

Virtual School "European Integration", for broad public, 34 participants, October 2003

Virtual School "Little School of Journalism", for high school pupils, 23 participants, October 2003

Two virtual schools, each for 20 participants: "Aspects of Globalisation", for broad population, and "What is a Democratic Society", for high schools pupils, April-June 2003

Public discussion "Internet Survey: Belgrade 2002", organized with the Belgrade City Library, February 2003

"Internet Survey - Belgrade 2002", empirical study on Internet users in Belgrade, 2003

Two virtual schools: one for students and NGO activists "Serbia in Transition" and one for gymnasia "The Foundations of Democracy", October 2002

Seminar "Internet, Culture, Media", Belgrade, 20 participants, 3 days, May 2002

Seminar "Internet, Culture, Society", Belgrade, 20 participants, 4 days, March 2002

Seminar "Internet, Society, Individual", Belgrade, 20 participants, 3 days, December 2001